Badge Building Condominiums

Long Island City, NY
completed 2005
renderings by Front Studio

Commissioned as the interior designer for the 44-unit condominium development, Front Studio developed highly marketable, beautifully detailed residences. A discriminating selection of materials and finishes contributes to the modern sensibility while keeping within the developer’s conservative budget. A key element is the rusted steel entry portal, reminiscent of the neighborhood’s industrial heritage, opening into the dramatic curved glass mosaic wall lobby entrance.

Project Team: Yen Ha, Ostap Rudakevych

"We would die here someday, obscure and distant cousins would inherit the place, have it torn down, sell the bricks and get rich on the building plot; or more justly and better yet, we would topple it ourselves before it was too late."
—Cortazar, Julio. Blow-Up and Other Stories. 11.