Horatio Apartment

New York, NY
completed 2010
photos by James Ewing Photography

The combination of two small studio apartments into a one-bedroom apartment involved an intricate balance between maintaining privacy and allowing for the flow of light throughout the space. Strict wet over dry requirements evolved into a core of patterned eucalyptus wall panels and cabinetry that wrap the bedroom and form the backbone of the kitchen. Sliding cabinet doors close off the bedroom on the rare occasions where privacy is needed but otherwise remain open, allowing the windows to fill the entire apartment. A richness of materials complements each surface.

"Half awake and half asleep, he heard birds chirping. It was as if he were awakening for the first time to the call of birds. A morning mist wet the trees at the veranda. Kikuji felt that the recesses of his mind had been washed clean. He thought of nothing."
—Kawabata, Yasunari. Thousand Cranes. 34.