Philadelphia, PA
proposed 2006

"Urban Voids: Grounds for Change"
City Parks Association and the Van Alen Institute

FARMADELPHIA proposes to transform the urban environment by introducing bucolic farmlands into the city’s urban fabric. The insertion of incongruous rural elements assigns a new use for the abandoned parcels, creating juxtapositions between farm and city that challenges its residents to revitalize their surroundings and daily lives. The ‘Farmadeliphication’ of once decrepit buildings into farm structures allows for an organic transformation of history that contributes to the present day fabric. Farm and City function as one integral machine, combining the pleasure of open sky and land with the richness of city living. 

Project Team: Yen Ha, Michi Yanagishita, Ostap Rudakevych

"Inexorably, he thinks, the country is coming to the city. Soon there will be cattle again on Rondebosch Common; soon history will have come full circle."
—Coetzee, J.M. Disgrace. 175.