The Big Apple Roller Coaster

New York, NY
proposed 2003

Honorable Mention
"Designing the High Line Ideas Competition"
Friends of the High Line

Since the abandonment of the High Line decades ago, an unbridled wilderness has taken over the railway, spawning a magically beautiful seam in the city's urban fabric. By minimizing the impact of built structure on the Line and restricting access to a few controlled areas, this proposal seeks to not only save the sublime nature of the High Line, but allow it to flourish. The Coaster's unequaled trajectory thru the West Side allows riders to experience Manhattan with the same vibrant energy that the city itself exudes. 

Project Team: Yen Ha, Ostap Rudakevych

"We met again with pleasure. After leaving the army, he had spent more than a month traveling. I was afraid of finding him changed; but he had merely acquired more confidence without losing any of his charm."
—Gide, André. Strait is the Gate. 40.