Harvest Office

New York, NY
completed 2013
photos by James Ewing Photography

Harvest, a fast growing technology company, prioritized light and transparency in the design requirements for their new office. Front Studio's renovation of the 10,000 sq. ft. space in the Flatiron District preserved views to the four exposures, visible from every side. A central spine of smaller breakout rooms, lined with colored felt panels, provides intimate meeting spaces while hiding the more prosaic storage and restroom needs. The majority of the space is open to accommodate flexible work configurations, events and lectures. A centrally located dining room unites everyone over lunch.

"But it was good to feel happy, good, too, on this brilliant June day, to climb up the winding stairs on fresh young legs, and from the mullioned windows to see, now to the north, now to the south, now to the east, now to the west, the summery landscape stretching out into infinity."
—Zweig, Stefan. Beware of Pity. 153.