The Invisible Gate

Gdansk, Poland
completed 2010

Second Place
1st International Competition of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk
Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art

To achieve revitalization goals of re-incorporating the lower portion of the city back into the main town, the Invisible Gate connects the two neighborhoods by dissolving the imposing overpass dividing the two and reclaiming the path underneath as a primary artery. Reflections of the surrounding city in the mirror-polished metal create an illusory effect, concealing the highway from view and obscuring the boundaries created by the bridge. 

Project Team: Yen Ha, Michi Yanagishita, Ostap Rudakevych

"The dominating principle of the universe is blindness. It makes possible juxtapositions which would be impossible if the objects could see each other. It permits the truncation of time when time is unendurable."
—Canetti, Elias. Auto-de-Fé. 71.