Horatio Apartment

The combination of two studios into a one bedroom apartment intricately balanced privacy concerns with extensive programmatic requirements while maintaining a openness throughout the residence. The resolution lay in developing the illusion of a much bigger space through continual visual access to windows from adjacent rooms.

Because of strict wet over dry provisions, the Kitchen was limited to an area between the two studios, effectively preventing a straightforward reduction of walls. Treating the restriction as an advantage, we created a cabinetry "core" as the primary organizer, serving as both separator and connector. A substantial penetration in the core was made adjacent to the windows, visually connection the separate rooms and reinforcing a sense of largeness. In its most frequent use, the apartment is completely open, with views of the entire window wall visible from all habitable rooms. On occasions when privacy is needed, sliding cabinet doors close off the Bedroom.

New York, NY

completed 2010

Half awake and half asleep, he heard birds chirping. It was as if he were awakening for the first time to the call of birds. A morning mist wet the trees at the veranda. Kikuji felt that the recesses of his mind had been washed clean. He thought of nothing.

Kawabata, Yasunari. Thousand Cranes. 34.