Kautz House

The challenge of integrating the traditional country house with a modern addition was addressed by re-cladding the existing house in bright blue aluminum siding while using a natural rusted siding for the addition. Durable, yet economical materials and details were effectively employed, making use of the modest budget. The interior captures sunlight as it crosses the property and takes advantage of the client's favorite views of the surrounding landscape.

Callicoon, NY

project on hold

visualization by Front Studio

He snores wonderfully in the deep grass, with one arm thrown in abandon over his face and the other stretched out to its full length. 'Ah, sweet content,' says Zarian. 'We always miss you. We think too much. What are the odds on all this speculation we indulge in if for once we cannot go to a dance, drink a glass of wine, and fall asleep in the ditch like a Greek god on holiday?'

Durrell, Lawrence. Prospero's Cell. 118.