bird’s eye view overlooking Duffy Square

Times Square Kiosk

Typical installations conceived for Times Square struggle to compete with the over saturated panorama by adding more sparkling lights, more glitz and more glamour. Refusing to compete with the fluctuating scenery of the existing surroundings, this proposal seeks to create a sublime moment in the continuous hurly burly motion of Times Square. Creative Time seeks to introduce art on a grand scale to the public where it is lacking while the bush seeks to introduce nature into an environment that has none.

New York, NY

proposed 2003

Invited Participant

"A Hub for Times Square RFP"

Creative Time we create form or does form create us? We think we are the ones who construct it, but that's an illusion, because we are, in equal measure, constructed by the construction.

Gombrowicz, Witold. Ferdydurke. 72.