Landscapes of Quarantine is an eight-week, intensive, independent design studio dedicated to the creation of original and thought-provoking projects that explore the spatial implications of quarantine, concluding in a group exhibition at the Storefront for Art and Architecture.

Q-CITY is an investigation into the possibility of creating quarantine spaces that permit self moderated interaction in lieu of the imposed isolationist wards of the past. Q-CITY makes quarantine a physically transparent system. It is an investigation and experiment into human tendencies, as well as an architectural imagination of the city as inhabited simultaneously by the quarantined and the healthy.

New York, NY

proposed 2009–2010

Invited Participant

“Landscapes of Quarantine”

Future Plural (BLDGBLOG and Edible Geography)

Two fixed ideas cannot coexist in the moral sphere, just as two bodies cannot occupy the same space in the physical world.

Pushkin, Alexander. The Queen of Spades and Other Stories. 96.