Glass Lofts

Commissioned by the Friendship Development Associates (FDA) as a central player in its community revitalization program, the Glass Lofts are a new mixed-use construction consisting of 39,000sf artist’s work spaces, 18 loft condominiums, retail and restaurant space, FDA offices and a flexible-use community space.

Located at the center of the Penn Avenue Arts District, the Glass Lofts is the result of a community-driven planning process actively involving neighborhood residents, artists and business owners in the development of the project.

Additional Info

  • Location:Pittsburgh, PA
  • Date:completed 2010
  • Images:photos by Ed Massery
  • Quote:

    But then, suddenly, the letters appeared, as if the sky itself had secreted them. Perfectly formed letters of grey-black smoke on the sky’s enormous screen of rose-tinged blue, chilling the eyes of those who saw them.

    Bolano, Roberto. Distant Star. 25